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Join The Startup Island’s VIP club to unlock your exclusive access to a world of opportunities, innovation and investment, and be the ONE among the chosen 20 from your nation.

The Startup Island's VIP Club

Startup Island is a private club where you can be productive while enjoying a leisurely life on a paradise island. Invest in a studio, gain steady earnings, get exclusive access to monthly hackathons, and make your startup dreams a reality.

Connecting Top Entrepreneurs from All Over The World

We’re bringing founders, investors, digital nomads, startup enthusiasts, industry experts, and mentors together to learn, network and grow, while enjoying an exclusive island life in Karimun Jawa.


Founder and CTO of Dropbox


Partner in Sequoia Capital
77 Mil $ Invested in startups


VP of Y Combinator
Help Airbnb, Stripe, and 750 more
4000 Startups • 600B$ Valuation


14 exp. ex- apple CMO

Tech Journalist

Correspondent at NY Times. Tech Crunch

Industry Expert

Rocket Internet Venture

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Our Offerings


Startup Factory

Our Monthly Hackathon Program will be running by 2025. This program is designed exclusively for every tech enthusiasts who’s eager to embark on a journey of learning, networking, investor meetings, personal development, and funding opportunities.

Exclusive Living

Nestled in Karimun Jawa, we invite you to experience a unique island living with 320 exclusively designed studios in development, featuring all facilities you need. As construction progresses, seize the chance to invest and secure your place as part of this extraordinary project. You will unlock access to everything this paradise island has to offer, making it the best long-term investment opportunity.

  •  The Startup Island

The Ideal Environment for Startup Factory

Your dreams are the reasons why we created The Startup Island as an exclusive hub with monthly Hackathon event. Picture yourself coworking and living alongside likeminded individuals – founders, entrepreneurs, investors, experts – all sharing your drive and passion for innovation.

Join a vibrant community right in your neighborhood, filled with some of the brightest minds globally.

Opening 2025

join the startup competition

Unlock startup success secrets, join visionaries shaping the future and be part of something extraordinary!

1-Month Stay

Enjoy a 1-month transformative stay in a tranquil yet dynamic entrepreneurial community

Mentorship & Guidance

Mentorship and connect with industry experts

MVP Best Practices

Master MVP strategies for startup success

Idea Exploration

Realize potential, validate ideas, and refine for action

Startup Execution & Product Market Fit

Excel in strategies for effective execution and product-market fit

Shares of Venture

70% ownership in your startup + a minimum of 0.1% shares in up to 49 new ventures annually

The Residential Area

Our beachfront residence sprawls across an impressive 35,000 square metres, uncovering a haven that seamlessly fuses well-being, tranquility, business, and relaxation.

Step into a future brimming with promise as The Startup Island extends an exclusive invitation tailor-made for visionary entrepreneurs like yourself. Seize the opportunity to secure your stake in this dynamic project by investing in our studios.

The monthly Hackathon event will run in 2025, making it a prominent chance for investment. Join us today and become a vital part of this extraordinary journey towards innovation, collaboration, and prosperity!


The Paradise
Where Leisure Meets Productivity

As you hustle to turn your startup dreams into reality, we've got you covered with top-notch facilities, ensuring a harmonious work-life balance

Beach Club

Relax and unwind at our beach clubs with adult and family pools

Gym & Sports Club

Embrace a healthy lifestyle with sport options like padel tennis, basketball, and football

Coworking Space

Access modern workstations and connect with fellow entrepreneurs in a dynamic setting

Lounge & Common Room

For casual chats, events or celebrations, our lounge is your retreat


Discover diverse culinary journeys, from local flavors to international cuisine

Supermarket & Laundry

We’ve got all your convenience covered

The Island


Experience a vibrant, tropical haven perfectly tailored for entrepreneurs like you. Our eco-friendly residential complex is situated on the main island, Pulau Karimun Jawa.
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Pleasant Climate

Enjoy endless days of sunshine and gentle sea breezes, accompanied by a delightful year-round climate ranging from 24°C to 30°C.

Easy to Access

Our island is within easy reach. It is only a 30-minute flight away from Semarang International Airport, 4.5 hours by ferry, or 2 hours using private charter.

Complete Facilities

The island provides all the services you need; drinking water, electricity, WiFi, food stores, convenient stores, and ATMs. As well as 24/7 police station and medical centre for your safety.


Where is Karimun Jawa?

Nestled in the Java Sea, Karimun Jawa is a pristine archipelago that’s just a short flight away from the nearest airport. With approximately a 30-minute flight from Semarang’s Ahmad Yani International Airport, you’ll arrive at this island paradise, known as a hidden gem in Indonesia.

Your journey to Karimun Jawa promises an escape from the ordinary and an invitation to embrace an eco-conscious, adventurous lifestyle.

why karimun jawa

Why Investing in Karimun Jawa is a Good Deal

It’s a small island that offers all the comforts of the West.

Safe Place

Although nothing bad ever happens, they still have their own police station and medical centre to ensure your safety.


All the exclusive comforts for a carefree life.

Affordable Cost of Living

Enjoy your lifestyle without breaking the bank, allowing you to focus on your entrepreneurial journey with financial peace of mind.


The well-connected infrastructure ensures you can navigate the island with ease.

Travel Around

Buy or rent a motorcycle for about 30€ / month and travel the island from north to south in only half an hour.

Increasing ROI

Get the potential of compounding returns as your investments grow steadily over the years.

eco friendly residence

Embrace ecofriendly lifestyle

80% of Karimun Jawa is a biosphere reserve, which makes it a strictly protected and conserved natural environment. Our eco-conscious efforts provide an exemplary model for sustainable living, promising a flourishing legacy for generations to come

Solar Panel

We use solar panels to generate clean and renewable energy

Solar Desalination

Savor the taste of sustainability as we provide a solution for quenching your thirst with nature's own purification process

Coral Planting

Join us in the journey to protect our oceans and safeguard the future of marine life

Beach Clean Up

You can also contribute to the cleanliness and sustainability of our coastal treasures

nearby hub

Indonesia Startup Ecosystem

Indonesia's journey to global economic eminence is underway, forging a formidable path alongside economic giants like China, the United States, and India. Jakarta, Singapore, and Perth are emerging as neighboring startup hubs with approximately 1- to 3-hour flights, offering fertile ground for emerging businesses to start and grow.

Economic Power

Indonesian economic will be 4th in 2045 by The Economist forecast.


Number of Startup

Indonesia has 2.482 startups, ranked 6th in the world.


Unicorn Startup

Over 22+ Unicorns and 2 Decacorns. The highest number of Unicorn startup in Southeast Asia.


Transaction Volume

Indonesia contributed 40% (71,8€ billion) to Southeast Asia's digital economy transactions.


Internet Economy

Indonesia’s internet economy is expected to reach 85€ billion by 2025.


Capital Funding

Value of venture capital funding in Indonesia in 2017-2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

Located on Karimun Jawa Island, Indonesia, The Startup Island (TSI) is an exclusive hub for every tech enthusiast: entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, digital nomads, and anyone seeking professional growth. TSI hosts a monthly hackathon competition that fosters innovation in breathtaking surroundings, supported by credible mentors, coaches, and investors.

The Startup Island promises to be an exclusive networking and personal development hub, attracting visionaries from all walks of life. Seize the chance to be part of this visionary endeavor, scheduled to launch in 2025.

To invest in The Startup Island, start by applying  as a VIP Club investor. If you are selected, you will be invited to an exclusive interview with our founder, Carlos de Ory. Then, if your profile is matched, our team will guide you through the payment process, and finally, you can get your VIP Club card.

Explore our website for more details on the process and packages.

Our selection process is based on aligning with our vision of fostering a community of visionary tech innovators. We carefully evaluate applications to curate a diverse and driven group that shares a passion for growth and transformation.

Upon selection, you’ll have the opportunity to secure your investment by following our secure and user-friendly payment process. Your investment marks the beginning of your ownership journey with The Startup Island.

The Startup Island is nestled in a strategic location of Karimun Jawa Island, Indonesia, where 80% of the island is a biosphere reserve. It is a forward-looking investment as Indonesia paves its path to global economic prominence by 2045, making The Startup Island more than real estate; it’s a community where innovation, collaboration, and ownership converge. Our tailored ownership packages and holistic approach provide a unique investment opportunity that combines lifestyle and potential.

We sign 2 contracts: one before making the reservation, and another one once the construction is finished with our Indonesian company PT Levels Hotels Indonesia, (NIB 020000090380, registered in section KBLI 68110) , which according to local legislation, grants us a license to carry out business for the sale and rental of real estate. including houses, apartments, residential buildings and for other uses.

Yes, The Startup Island offers a monthly payment plan under a specially adapted contract for VIP Co-Owner investors. This installment plan is designed to offer you more flexibility in achieving your ownership goals. Staying on top of payments ensures a seamless ownership experience and guarantees your investment in The Startup Island.

It’s crucial to understand that timely payments are essential. If there is a delay in payment for any month, the candidate may forfeit the right to own the property, and any prior fees paid will not be refunded.

The inauguration of the residence is scheduled for 2025

You should pay via bank transfer. Direct debit is not possible.

Your payments contribute directly to the realization and success of The Startup Island. Understanding the significance of timely and consistent payments not only safeguards your investment but also ensures the collective progress of this project.

We will send an invoice or receipt once the payment is confirmed.

In Indonesia, you don’t have to pay extra taxes on the studio. We are the land owners and, therefore, responsible for paying the fees. You only have to pay taxes, if necessary, on the benefits obtained, in your country of residence. 

All taxes applied are included in the price.

There is a yearly mandatory maintenance fee of 65€ for VIP Co-Owner, and 780€ for VIP Owner. This does not include water, electricity and internet bills.

All bills will be divided equally to all investors and sent to your email, monthly.

The concession is valid until the year 2100. After that, there will be an opportunity to extend for an additional 80 years at a new price determined as the deadline approaches.

In the north of the island, since it has ample space to build the residence and is very close to the airport.

Yes, as you will see in the contract, we offer the studio in registration order.

Your date of payment will determine your priority to choose the studio over others who pay later. The order to choose studio is based on the payment received.

All the studios are fully furnished and included in the initial investment.

Access to the residence will be granted by identification card. There will be security cameras, both at the entrance of the residence and at the houses. You can also install an alarm in your home.

Of course. You can come to live or spend time on the island with your family. You just have to remember that children under 16 cannot access the Co-working space or the Gym. The rest of the facilities are totally free for the little ones.

Maximum 4 people for studio.

Yes, the residence is pet friendly. The only thing is, your furry friend cannot access the common areas.

Karimun Jawa is a stunning archipelago situated in the Java Sea, Indonesia. Comprising 27 islands, it boasts pristine beaches, vibrant coral reefs, and a rich marine ecosystem with 80% of the island is a biosphere reserve.

Karimun Jawa stands out for its remarkable biodiversity. Its coral reefs are part of the Coral Triangle, a global epicenter of marine diversity. The islands offer an idyllic escape with their crystal-clear waters, white sandy shores, and captivating marine life.

Visitors can indulge in a range of activities, including snorkeling, diving, island hopping, and exploring the underwater world. Karimun Jawa is also home to diverse wildlife, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts.

While remote, Karimun Jawa is accessible via various transportation options, including ferry rides and flights from Java. It provides an opportunity to disconnect from urban life and immerse in the tranquility of a tropical paradise.

The Startup Island leverages Karimun Jawa’s natural allure to create a unique setting for entrepreneurship, innovation, and investment. The island’s serene environment complements the creative and collaborative atmosphere, fostering a conducive space for growth and development.

Investing in Karimun Jawa offers a range of compelling reasons:

  • Natural Beauty: The archipelago’s breathtaking landscapes and coral reefs make it a sought-after destination, attracting tourism and enhancing property value.
  • Growing Tourism: The tourism sector is on the rise, presenting opportunities for rental income and capital appreciation.
  • Unique Ecosystem: Karimun Jawa’s ecosystem, a part of the Coral Triangle, is a global hotspot for marine biodiversity, creating an environmentally conscious and sustainable investment context.
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