Join The Startup Island and buy an apartment for life from only 69,500€. 

*Update: Already under construction! (photos and videos here) (As seen on Spanish  TV here)

Build your future
on a paradise island

it's not just a house to live in

It’s being part of an exclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem, where you can have the life you want and make your dreams come true.

And all this with conditions that you would never have considered:

Our last projects were talked about here...

Close your eyes and visualize a paradise island.

Well, just like that, as you imagine it, is Karimunjawa.

A quiet virgin archipelago north of Java, Indonesia, full of deserted beaches and crystal clear waters inhabited by an exceptional aquatic fauna.

Once on land, the coconut trees and mangroves confirm: yes, you have arrived in paradise.

The main island is Palau Karimunjawa, where the residential complex is located.

Here some native families live around the fishing port and the commercial area of ​​the island.

But… why Karimunjawa?

Very simple: because it offers all the comforts of the West in the heart of paradise.

But wait, there is much more:

There is a great list of reasons to come to Karimunjawa

A safe place

Literally nothing ever happens and yet they have a police station and medical center.

You won't miss anything

Here you have everything you need for a comfortable and carefree life.

Cost of living

Very low cost of living compared to the West. Get more for your money.

Easy to get to

With direct flights to Semarang International Airport and by boat from Jepara.

Move around easily

Buy or rent a motorcycle for about € 30 / month and travel the island from north to south in only half an hour.


Remember this name: Tokopedia, the Indonesian Amazon. In 2 to 3 days they deliver your order to your home.

How will the residence look like?

At a glance, 35,000 square meters, beachfront.

If you look closely, you will see a resort where wellness, health, leisure and entrepreneurship come together in a perfect combination.

And the best: it’s a sustainable and affordable alternative to owning a home in just 1 or 5 years.

There is space for two different areas: the residential area and the main building with the common facilities.

Here is your opportunity to live with an ecological conscience in a premium residence with all the comforts you have always wanted at home.

Already under construction! Click here to check the videos.


Throughout the two floors of the main building you have everything:

Beach Club with adult-only pool and family pool.

Gym & Sports Club with tennis court, basketball and soccer field.

Coworking and lounge for multiple use like talks, events y parties.

Restaurant and kitchen.

Supermarket and laundry.

And for a community fee of only € 65 / month.

Opening: 2023

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*The video shown is the property of HGTV. The layout of the property shown is different from the one for the project The Startup Island.

Your house with (almost) zero environmental impact.

NASA has given us the clue: building houses with soil, the most ecological, abundant and resistant material that exists.

Due to a very innovative construction system and without the need of machinery, the environmental impact of your house is really minimal.

All the houses are studio apartments of 32 square meters with:

There it is, all yours.

And decorated to your taste, because you can furnish it however you want to and share it with your family, a group of friends or with your pet.

We also offer the option of renting the apartment for you with a very interesting monthly return. We take care of it!

Live ecological

We are committed to the conservation of Karimunjawa

Therefore, apart from building very low-impact homes, we will:

As a future resident, we encourage you to immerse yourself in the local culture from day one and participate in the daily life of the island to further enrich this vital experience.

The ideal environment for Startup magic to happen

If you want to be a winner, you have to surround yourself with winners.

We have already done it and know that living with people, who have the same entrepreneurial DNA, raises you even higher.

We want you to let your ideas flow and put them into action in this coexistence with other digital nomads.

The center for this is the Coworking, where you can work on your business in company of other entrepreneurs: intelligent and passionate people who think like you and experience life the same way as you do.

And so that each of your steps is gigantic, we have created Startup Factory:

Startup Factory

A training program for entrepreneurs with hackathons that include talks and mentors on the latest in the digital world.

The objective is very clear: give you all the tools you need to launch new products and services to the market.

We make it very easy for you; the decision is all yours.

And in case you still have doubts, we are going to give you a little push…

An investment with an expected annual return of 10-20%

Estimated at about € 500,000 in 78 years, expenses aside.

Sounds good right?

The formula is as follows:

Yes, every month; even if your house has not been rented.

Because we distribute the profit among the owners who use our rental service.

This way we assure you a passive income throughout the year.

Now, let's talk numbers

We sum up...

Buy your house now from € 69,500 with a concession of 77 years (until the year 2100). This price will increase in the next weeks to the standard price of € 125,000.

After making the reservation the house is paid in 1 payment or in instalments during 10 years.

We guarantee the rent by contract. Request it by email to

Click here below to find out about the cost of 1 apartment:

Fixed costs

From the time of the handover of the apartment, the monthly fixed costs are as follows:

Choose to live in your house or rent it through us with an estimated return of € 500-2000 / month.

How it works

These are the steps to buy your house in Karimunjawa:


You contact us and we prepare your reservation contract.


You pay the monthly fees and every three months we send you a detailed report on the status of the project.


In 2023 you have the house ready to live in or rent it.

Who is behind The Startup Island?

Let us introduce ourselves…


We are PT Levels Hotels Indonesia (Indonesian government approved company) and we create environments with everything you need to launch startups.

In 2014 we organized our first event, Startup Mansion, where 32 Spanish entrepreneurs lived in New York a unique acceleration experience with the aim of developing different digital projects.

Since then, we have created experiences around the world faithful to our formula for success: providing ideal environments for digital entrepreneurs like us to make their projects come true.

In recent years, many nomads proposed creating a place that combines a quiet lifestyle on a nice island with an entrepreneurial aspect.

And here we are.

Carlos de Ory

Investor & Founder

He is a mentor in Startup Accelerators, specialized in marketing, SEO and SEM. He is also the founder of Happy Low Cost, one of the most popular travel websites in Spain. He has 6 years of experience in the Real Estate sector in Indonesia.

Edher Irwantoro

Project Manager

Several years of experience as a general manager of hotels in Karimunjawa. He has hundreds of key contacts in Semarang, Jepara and Karimunjawa.


Pascual Aparicio

Project & Business Advisor

He dedicates himself to advising in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He currently manages the Orange Startup Program #Lánzate. He is the founder of Madrid Tech City and a mentor in entrepreneurial initiatives such as Bridge For Billios, Conector and Open Future.

Álvaro González Valiente

Hotel Manager Advisor

He is an experienced Hotel Manager with the management of 4* and 5* establishments in Spain, Morocco and France on his resume. Its strengths are retail, occupancy management and overbooking.


H. Zaenal Mubarak

Construction Manager

Main Director PT. Anugrah Berkah Gusti.
22 years experience in real estate.



WhatsApp-Image-2021-06-10-at-21.47.55-1 (1)

Raul Muñoz

Ambassador and Owner

Cristian Abratte

Ambassador and Owner

Let’s summarize…

Join The Startup Island and get:

An ecological house with all the comforts.
Live in a premium residence on a beautiful island.
An entrepreneurial environment where you can start your projects.
An investment opportunity with a high annual return.

If you already made up your mind, you just need to contact us:


Let’s resolve your doubts

The project

We sign 2 contracts: one before making the reservation, and another one once the construction is finished with our Indonesian company PT Levels Hotels Indonesia, with NIB 020000090380, registered in section KBLI 68110 , which according to local legislation grants us a license to carry out business for the sale and rental of real estate including houses, apartments, residential buildings and for other uses.

The monthly installments for the purchase of the house have to be paid the month following the payment of the reservation. The community costs are paid once the house is finalized and delivered.

The inauguration of the residence is scheduled for 2022-2023.

You should pay via bank transfer. Direct debit is not possible.

Failure or delay of any of the payments for the purchase of the house or community fees implies the cancellation of the contract and the loss of property.

For this reason, we advise you to pay the fees at least two weeks in advance and by fast and cheap means such as Transferwise.

We will send you a confirmation email.

You do not have to pay extra taxes in Indonesia on the house. We are the owners of the land and therefore, those responsible of paying the fees. You only have to pay taxes, if necessary, on the benefits obtained, in your country of residence.

Together with the reservation, we will sign an online contract through the Pandadoc App, which is a trusted third party and is fully valid. The price indicated on this website is the final price of the apartment, all taxes included.

If you wish, we can sign a contract in person in Bali. The management costs would be covered by you (about € 250).

If your tax residence is in Spain, it’s only mandatory to declare assets or earnings abroad when they exceed € 50,000. Source: Chávarri Abogados, El Pais. However, we recommend consulting each situation with an advisor.

Every three months and with total transparency you will receive a detailed report of the project’s progress.

In the event that you decide to terminate the contract, none of the amounts paid will be returned.

Yes, according to our forecasts, all the apartments will be sold by the end of 2022.


According to Indonesian law, it is not possible to assign the property to the buyer for life. To be more specific, after 79 years and 11 months we must sell the land to another company.

Contracts are subject to Indonesian law.

Renting my house

The estimate is gross, expenses aside.

It’s an approximate calculation since the rents in year 2080 will be at least double or triple the price over those of now.

As a company we are the first interested in having a high occupancy rate since we obtain a commission for each rental.

We will market packages to companies that organize retreats and immersion experiences. We will publish the houses in portals such as Booking,, Airbnb or Agoda, … and we will organize our own experiences, like marketing courses, yoga retreats, fitness retreats, cooking classes, diving etc.

You will only have to pay the average cost of consumption for all apartments rented each month.

Yes, all apartments must be furnished, have air conditioning and have water, electricity and Internet services.

If you leave us your house to rent it for you, we need you to notify us at least 3 months prior to your wished stay.

Every three months we will send you a detailed report on the rental of your home together with the bank transfer.

Life on the island

Karimujawa is very well served by plane. Its airport connects with Semarang and Surabaya, two of the main cities in the country. The journey takes about 30 minutes and the price of the flight is around € 25.

Another option (although slower) is the ferry that leaves from Jepara; The journey takes around 2 hours and the price is about € 10 per passenger.

Indonesia is one of the cheapest countries in the world. To give you an idea, a foreigner can live in the country with an average monthly expense of between € 200 and € 800 (beside housing).

The island’s residents are very calm and friendly. Being a small population (about 10,000 people) many of them know each other and the atmosphere is one of closeness and familiarity. In addition, the residence will have 24/7 surveillance.

Telkomsel is the leading telecommunication company in Indonesia, offering a fast 4G mobile connection (up to 100 Mbps) at a price of around € 3 for 15 Gb.

This company also offers cable connection, at a speed of 100 Mbps.

Yes, in the residence you will have a supermarket where you can buy what you need.
In addition, you can place your orders online and receive them in 2 or 3 days.

Pulesmas Karimun Jawa is the island’s health emergency center, with 24/7 service and easy access.

The closest hospital is in Jepara, about 80 km by boat. That is why it is important that you take out medical insurance.

On the island there are fee-free ATMs with the Bnext, Revolut or N26 card.

The most popular vehicle on the island is the motorcycle. You can buy a second-hand one for around € 400 and sell it when you no longer need it. You can also rent it from € 30 / month.

The residence and the houses

In the north of the island, since it has ample spaces to build the residence and is very close to the airport.

Yes, as you will see in the contract, we will offer the houses in order of registration.

You can furnish the apartment to your taste with local companies or with IKEA. We will also offer to furnish the house. There will be 3 different design concepts with different budgets.

Access to the residence will be granted by identification card.

There will be security cameras, both at the entrance of the residence and at the houses.

You can optionally install an alarm in your home.

Of course. You can come to live or spend time on the island with your family.

You just have to remember that children under 16 cannot access the Coworking or the gym. The rest of the facilities are totally free for the little ones.

Yes, the residence is pet friendly. The only thing is that your furry friend cannot access the common areas.

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